At The Organic Box, we have built a culture around community building and giving back. &#160;All year long we partner with groups, charities and nonprofits that tackle issues of food insecurity and increase awareness and access to food for vulnerable populations. &#160;We have always had a close relationship with YESS, the Youth Empowerment &amp; Support Services of Edmonton and this year <a href="" target="_blank">we committed to providing them with a food budget</a>. &#160;With your help we have pledged $40,000 to their kitchen program, allowing YESS to build some consistency in their meal planning and say goodbye to empty shelves week after week. For the holidays, we asked YESS what else we could do to help and&#160;they let us know that besides food, their biggest need in the winter months is warm winter clothing. &#160;We had a thought! &#160;Our fleet of delivery vehicles and fantastic drivers means that aside from being a food delivery service, we have all of the resources at our disposal to be a clothing drive pickup service. From December 1st until December 19th, you can make a winter clothing donation to YESS without leaving your house. &#160;Our drivers will collect your clothing donation at your doorstep and bring it to YESS in time for the holidays. &#160;Fill your empty box with a clothing donation, or if you have larger items to donate, label them 'YESS' and our drivers will collect them alongside your empty box. If you pick up your Organic Box at our warehouse, please feel free to bring along a clothing donation on your next pickup day. We truly feel grateful for our entire Food Family all year long, but around the holidays we are especially thankful for your generosity and ongoing support. &#160;<a href="" target="_blank">Read about our entire Holiday Mission here</a>.