<h2>Ever Thought About Becoming a Farmer?</h2> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>Every now and then, I get a message in the office that someone is looking for advice on how to leave the city behind and get into agriculture. &apos;Great!&apos; I say. &apos;Do you have a plan to get trained?&apos; Often, this is where the conversation ends. Farming, like any other profession or trade, requires significant skills and is fundamentally based on science principles. Even Organic farming is highly technical and to be a successful grower, you need to go to school. <a class=&quot;bookmark&quot; title=&quot;More Below&quot; href=&quot;#EmailWoes&quot;>Read below</a> for some ideas I have on how you can explore this as a potential career for yourself and your family.</p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;><strong>Last Week for the Bountiful Harvest Special!</strong></p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>As a thank-you to our members and to our entire food family, we have an excellent promotion for you this fall. </p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;><img style=&quot;WIDTH: 369px; HEIGHT: 200px&quot; title=&quot;10off_coupon&quot; alt=&quot;10off_coupon&quot; align=&quot;absMiddle&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/discount_coupon.png&quot; width=&quot;369&quot; height=&quot;200&quot; /></p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;>Between now and November 30, when you spend $100 or more on your weekly or biweekly order, we will give you $10 back. We have a fantastic catalogue of over 500 items, many of them items produced right here in Western Canada by small and independent producers. They want you to try their wares, and we want you to get a break this fall.</p> <p align=&quot;left&quot;></p> <h2><a class=&quot;bookmark&quot; title=&quot;EmailWoes&quot; name=&quot;EmailWoes&quot;></a>Farmer Education</h2> <p>There is an entire generation of farmers who are either in their retirement years or who are imminently ready to retire. As they exit the industry, it creates opportunities for our younger generations to fill the gap and become commercial growers - whether market gardeners, livestock producers or grain farmers. However, my advice to anyone who is seriously considering this as a career path is to get some training. We aren&apos;t talking about a four-year degree, but instead just a chance to learn from those who are doing it now and a chance to set yourself up for success.</p> <p>If you have land, know someone who has land, or are looking to go shopping for some land, this is a fantastic time and the perfect economic conditions to get into organic growing. The organic industry in Western Canada is worth nearly a billion dollars a year and growing faster than any other food category. The direct-to-consumer supply chains that we are putting in place are giving growers better returns on their investments and helping families make a living on the land.</p> <p><strong>Kootenay Farm School</strong></p> <p>Miranda and I have our farm in Creston, BC. Creston is in the central Kootenays just south of Kootenay Lake. It has been a prime agricultural region for over a century and produces some of the best quality late-season tree fruits in Canada. <a title=&quot;College of the Rockies&quot; href=&quot;http://www.cotr.bc.ca/kootenay-farm-school/&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>College of the Rockies</a> has a campus in Creston and this February is launching its first year of the <a title=&quot;Beginner Farmer Training&quot; href=&quot;http://www.cotr.bc.ca/kootenay-farm-school/cotr_web.asp?IDNumber=145&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>Beginner Farmer Training</a>program. This is an intensive 10-month part time program designed to give the students a good foundational overview of sustainable agriculture in a variety of disciplines. Students will receive training in a variety of topics from the business of farming, to equipment handling, to crop husbandry and livestock keeping. I will be an instructor at the school focusing on business topics and many of our neighbours in the valley will be hosting students for practical learning. I think this is an excellent program and encourage anyone who is thinking about making a change to take a hard look at enrolling. When you are finished you will be ready for your first season as a commercial grower.</p> <p><strong>Alberta Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship Program (ASAAP)</strong></p> <p>ASAAP is a program run by the <a title=&quot;Organic Alberta Council&quot; href=&quot;http://www.organicalberta.org&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>Organic Alberta Council</a> and matches organic growers in Alberta with candidates who want to learn farming principles on a real working farm. There are several positions available for the coming season. If you want something less intensive and closer to home, the ASAAP program might be an excellent way to get a jump-start in your chosen farming practice. <a title=&quot;Check out&quot; href=&quot;http://organicalberta.org/news/farming-apprenticeships-available&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>Check out</a> all the opportunities available on the Organic Alberta Website.</p> <p><strong>USask Organic Weed Management</strong></p> <p>Brenda Frick, one of the most respected and productive scientists in Organic Agriculture, runs an <a title=&quot;online weed management course &quot; href=&quot;http://ccde.usask.ca/weedcontrol&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>online weed management course </a>out of the University of Saskatchewan. Weed management can be one of the most challenging aspects of organic growing and is often the thing that can make or break a season for a producer. Having access to Brenda&apos;s vast knowledge of organic growing via an online course is a gift and I have sent my own workers at our farm on this course to learn from the master.</p> <p><strong>Lots of Other Educational Opportunities</strong></p> <p>If you are looking for a more comprehensive list of education opportunities there is a good directory available on the <a title=&quot;Organic Alberta Website&quot; href=&quot;http://organicalberta.org/resources/education-opportunities&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;>Organic Alberta Website</a>. From study grants, apprenticeships, land stewardship, seed cleaning and lots more, there are many options available for learning the practices and principles of organic farming. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in a new way of life to pursue food production with a vigour, but I caution against doing it without first getting some training and support.</p> <h2><strong>Its time for Winter Delivery Instructions</strong></h2> <div><img title=&quot;Snowy Van&quot; alt=&quot;Snowy Van&quot; align=&quot;top&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/snowyvan.jpg&quot; width=&quot;600&quot; height=&quot;335&quot; /></div><p>The snow is piling up and I won&apos;t surprised if we reach 40cm by the end of this cold snap. I ran some deliveries myself during the worst of it and we don&apos;t have enough members with delivery instructions. During extreme snow events your box will come earlier or later than usual so please take the time to update your instructions for us. Remember that our normal delivery hours are noon to 10pm, so if you are expecting your box and it is getting dark,<strong>please turn on your porch light for our drivers to see</strong>. If we can&apos;t see your house number or if your front steps aren&apos;t safe, we will have trouble getting your box of food to you this winter.</p> <p><strong>Your box won&apos;t survive in -10C weather for more than 30 minutes outside</strong>, so please take the time to thinking about how you want your box delivered in the event you aren&apos;t home. Some options include:</p> <ol> <li>We can put it in your garage if you have a keypad entry system.</li> <li>We can leave it with a specified neighbour if you aren&apos;t home.</li> <li>If you aren&apos;t home, we can bring it back to the warehouse and you can pick it up from our warehouse on Wednesday to Fridays during business hours and 9-1pm on Saturdays.</li> <li>Something else creative that you can devise!</li> </ol> <p><span>Boxes without winter delivery instructions will be</span><strong>left on your front step if your driver is unable to get in touch with you</strong><span>, so please take the time to update your instructions and let us know what you would like us to do for you - this can include leaving it out even if you aren&apos;t home. Delivery instructions can be updated by clicking the &apos;My Account&apos; button on the right hand side of the Choose Your Box page.</span></p> <p>At The Organic Box we are always growing, always looking for ways to get better, and always trying to find ways to fill more of your shopping basket with Alberta and BC food producers. We can do it! You are helping!</p> <p>Havea Great Week!</p> <p>Danny.<br />Founder, The Organic Box.</p> <h2>FeaturedProducts and Producers:</h2> <table cellspacing=&quot;15&quot; cellpadding=&quot;0&quot; bgcolor=&quot;#edf0e9&quot;> <tbody> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;ViaBars&quot; alt=&quot;ViaBars&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/viabars.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>ViaBars</h2> <p>Made in High River, Viabars are an organic, clean energy bar that is made with <strong>raw seeds and grains</strong>. They are <strong>wheat free, vegan,</strong> high sources of fibre and omega-3s, and incredibly delicious. ViaBars are pure and simple, by using pure and simple ingredients but they definitely do not lack tasty flavour. In fact there are 8 very satisfying varieties to choose from:</p> <p>Almond Spice, Berry Coconut, Berry Lemon, Black Forest, Coconut Almond, Coconut Crave, Go Orange, and Mucho Mocha! </p> <p>Try one, or try them all! For those looking for healthy, satisfying snacks to keep your energy up... these locally made treats are the way to go. </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;VillageCheese&quot; alt=&quot;VillageCheese&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/VillageCheese.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Village Cheese</h2> <p>The Village Cheese Company is a micro cheese plant based on one simple concept: <strong>Use fresh local milk and make cheesein small batches using only the best ingredients. </strong>These values have aided them in producing some of the best tasting cheese we&apos;ve ever had at The Organic Box. Their recipes are <strong>award winning</strong>... and they are moving more and more into the organic market, sourcing local organic milk in the Okanagan Valley for their plant in Armstrong, BC. Right now we are able to get fantastic cheddars, and soon we&apos;ll have more to choose from when they produce organic gouda and parmesan. </p> <p>The <strong>Smokehouse Cheddar </strong>is especially amazing. Aged cheddar is cold smoked in their smokehouse over maple and beechwood. The results are beyond words. </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;Anurakti&quot; alt=&quot;Anurakti&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/Tea bags.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Anurakti</h2> <p>Locally crafted tea and coffee seem to be one of those things that a lot of people are interested in, but are afraid to buy. Inherent loyalty to other brands, or price seem to deter people from trying out some of the great coffee and teas that we already carry. So when Anurakti came to us we were skeptical about offering another collection of teas. </p> <p>And then we tried them... and they are soooo good. </p> <p>Dedicated to organic and Fair Trade ingredients (and moving towards using more local ingredients), Anurakti <strong>hand blends </strong>an amazing variety of <strong>loose leaf teas</strong>. From the Health Blends - like Immuni-Tea, and Tummy Tamer, to the Flavour Blends - Blueberry Bliss, and Maui Love... they are all crafted with simple ingredients, and packaged in eco-friendly bags, right here in Edmonton. Even the flavour oils used in some of the blends are naturally extracted from real plants and fruits! Real food makes real tea, which makes for a pretty great time. </p> <p>In preparation for the holidays Anurakti has 2 varieties of holiday themed gift boxes available. So if you&apos;re looking for a local and healthy gift for your friends and family this season, Anurakti is the way to go. </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>