Farmer in the Box – Sundog Organic Farm

We’re lucky to have such an abundance of dedicated, caring growers and producers located right here in Alberta. These families are made up of some of the hardest working people we have the pleasure of knowing – they go the extra mile, all year long, to ensure their products are top-notch and the very best quality for your box.

It’s so wonderful to witness our producers’ commitment to growing organic. The increased awareness and appreciation towards ethical, sustainable farming practices in our province can be credited to their hard work, and we love sharing their stories with you. Follow us as we showcase their day-to-day happenings over the 2016 season as part of an ongoing series called Farmer in the Box.


Our focus this week is on one local farm — the beloved Sundog Organic Farm. James, Jenny, and their three young sons own and operate this 14 acre farm that sits on the Sturgeon River just east of Gibbons, Alberta. Utilizing 10 of their 14 acres for farming – they plant and tend to fields full of kale, beets, onions, cabbage, carrots, garlic, lettuce, fennel, and a variety of herbs. But growing, harvesting, and enjoying these delicious veggies are the final stages in a long series of steps that started months ago.

Last autumn – after the harvest – James and Jenny cleaned and stored their 2015 root vegetables, prepped their land for a long winter, and started crop planning for 2016. Our Product Team here at The Organic Box plays a role in the planning end of things – working with the couple to strategize how much of each crop we’ll require to fill our weekly boxes in the coming year.

This is where your commitment to your Organic Box membership comes into play – over half of James and Jenny’s crops for the year are grown specifically for you and our other Food Family members. These planning stages are critical in forecasting what the next 12 months are going to look like for this local farming family, and knowing you’ll be along to enjoy their good food means they can look forward a great year.


James overlooking Sundog’s Greenhouse


The lifeblood of any organic farm - healthy soil!

The lifeblood of any organic farm – healthy soil!

Here’s a look at what we have in the works with Sundog this season:

  • • Fresh Garlic
  • • Salad Mix
  • • Celery
  • • Summer & Winter Cabbage
  • • Russian Blue Potatoes
  • • Cured Garlic
  • • Bunched & Bagged Beets
  • • Fennel
  • • Broccoli
  • • Red Banana Potatoes
  • • Bunched & Bagged Carrots
  • • Green & Black Kale
  • • Leeks
  • • Red Onion
  • • Green Scallion
  • … and much more!