This week, in celebration of where we have come, I thought it would be fun to look back at some content we featured in a newsletter from about a year ago. &#160;At this time, we were still running a van to Rock Ridge Dairy every week and it was such a worthwhile experience that I decided to share it with everyone. &#160;So, to you all, Enjoy this flashback to February 2014. <blockquote>The sun hasn&#8217;t risen yet. The steering wheel is cold and the front window is frosted. After turning on the engine and scraping the windshield, it&#8217;s time to hit the road. Negotiating traffic isn&#8217;t too bad until I hit the highway rush to Nisku. Surrounded by pickup trucks heading to their site work, I take care to signal for an extra-long time before changing lanes. Once past Leduc, everything is quiet and beautiful. Highway 2 has little traffic and the sun is starting to rise. Farmland dotted with rows of trees are a beautiful sight in early morning light. This week there aren&#8217;t any cars in the ditch, but the evidence of past weeks of poor driving are still there. Before too long the turnoff is upon me and I switch gears from primary highway driving mode to winter back-road driving. This week it might be a herd of deer or a coyote darting across the road from one dairy farm to another. It could be a truck pulling a wide horse trailer needing extra berth on the gravel road. Arriving at the Bos farm is the best part of the morning. The light is perfect and the farm is beautiful. Patrick and Cherylynn are always eagerly waiting the Organic Box Van arrival with smiles that hide the fact that they have both been up practically all night processing milk for our shipment. The tractor pulls double-duty as a forklift, moving a pallet of fresh milk from the dairy into the van. With a wave and a smile, I&#8217;m off again, this time heading North to get back to the warehouse before the busiest part of the day gets underway. The drive home is inevitably shorter somehow. The steering wheel has warmed up and the fresh farm air has put a smile on my face.</blockquote> A year has passed and the Bos' are still hard at work making delicious milk every week and even though our volumes are high enough to warrant a truck, I would be the first to step forward for a trip to their farm. &#160;Check out where all of&#160;your food comes from at our interactive map.