<p class="bodycopy">We are very proud and excited to be taking part in Fairtrade Month this year. You may have noticed some informative bookmarks being added to your boxes. Please do take the time to read them (and reuse them) as they&#8217;re wonderful reminders of how impactful our buying decisions can be!</p> <p class="bodycopy">Speaking of impactful! The Organic Box community has been blown away by the quality of the Serben&#8217;s Organic Farm pork. If you haven&#8217;t tried their chops or ribs yet, maybe you should try the brand new bacon or sausages that just arrived over the weekend! We&#8217;ve been drooling over this stuff in anticipation of its arrival and now are so glad to have it in the catalogue for our wonderful members.</p> <p class="bodycopy">May your long weekend be joyful, and filled with nature. May it be surrounded by friends and family and good food. And may it be wholesome, organic, and Fairtrade!</p> <p class="bodycopy"></p>