There is something that is unmatched when it comes to eating something fresh and in season.  I have childhood memories, growing up in the soft fruit belt and savouring Bartlett pears from our own trees, tomatoes from the garden, and my favourite tree-ripened peaches.

Tomorrow when I bring home my Organic Box, I expect to have the same sense of excitement as I see all of my choices from local Alberta growers on my countertop.  There is a strange sense of pride in knowing I am helping our local farmers when I know times are tough, but also it is a pleasure to savour all of the goodness, and appreciate the unsung heroes that keep us nourished everyday, with healthy Organic options.

Last night, with family over to visit, we enjoyed Alberta grass raised bison burgers with local beefsteak tomatoes, AB lettuce, and local yellow onions.  On the side a spinach salad (also local from Peas on Earth), AB organic milk, and delicious apple cider from our founders farm.  The leftover slices of tomato were gobbled up!

As I sat around the table sharing from my Organic Box, it made me awful proud to support local producers who put healthy,  quality produce into our Organic Box each week, but also to provide the healthiest and best of the season to my family.

I am guessing this is going to be a difficult season for farmers.  Moisture levels have been low (thank goodness for the recent rain!), and Fort McMurray support means many farmers are giving up profit to help others.

Enjoy your Box and browse for all of the wondrous goodness of the season to add to your box this week!  Healthy adventure at its best!