Social Responsibility - Donating to Local Organizations

Learn about how The Organic Box is contributing to social responsibility throughout Alberta!


As with any grocery service or store The Organic Box often has items left over at the end of the day that are unsellable. We felt that is was necessary to mitigate as much of this potential food waste from reaching the landfill as possible. As a result, we donate as much of that food as possible. We donate primarily to organizations that deal with food security issues throughout our communities. We have partnered with 11 organizations throughout Alberta that can utilize the food in a variety of different ways.

Listen below to how one of the donation partnerships is giving an opportunity to the Mill Woods Seniors Activity Centre here in Edmonton! 

The Organic Box - Reducing Food Waste CBC Radio (Click link)

The amount of donations changes every week based on the quality of the product initially upon receiving it and sorting through it to see what meets our high standards for our boxes. We estimate that we can divert up to 95% of all potential food waste from our warehouse through the simple act of donating it to these organizations!

Growing Better Together With Every Box!

One of our core beliefs is that we want to use food to do good and have a positive impact on our communities! These donations afford opportunities for local organizations to offer fresh produce, have continued success and feed those who might be in need. The 11 organizations or causes we work with include:

Many of the organizations or causes we work with focus on childhood nutrition, education or food security, including:

Growing Better Together

These three words are our way of stoking the flames of a movement that is already ignited. They point towards social responsibility. They ask us to be accountable for our actions—not just as a business, but also as individuals. They urge us to make healthy and sustainable choices. 

These words are rooted in the realization that each of us can support a better world with every dollar we spend, and that we can go Beyond the Box to make a real difference in our communities. The Organic Box believes in living this philosophy every single day.

Learn more about the ways we are doing good with food on our Beyond The Box Page