<p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">The weeks are ticking down.&#160; Summer solstice at Just-A-Mere Organic Farm means long, hot days to ripen our favourite fruit.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">Word from the orchard is that the fruit is looking great this year and is on track to ripen mid-July.&#160; We can barely contain our excitement for the first taste of our well-loved Rainier cherries.&#160; We already have our cherry pitters dusted off to prep a bunch for canning and freezing, just so we can enjoy the sweetness in the depths of winter.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">You can see how great the green cherries look in the header this week.&#160; Just 3 more weeks until those green cherries ripen and blush to a beautiful golden and pink that we only see for a few short weeks every year.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">We. Can. Not. Wait!</span></p>