Oct. 5, 2015

Long Pie 'Nantucket' Pumpkin Pie Filling

When these beautiful, slender pumpkins arrived on our shipping dock a few weeks ago - we were certain they were ...

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Sept. 21, 2015

Banana Carrot Muffins

Using the purple carrots out of the rainbow mix makes slightly pink muffins.  What a TREAT! 1 1/4 Cup All ...

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Sept. 18, 2015

Kohlrabi Carrot Fritters with Avocado Cream Sauce

Kohlrabi can be prepared using nearly every cooking method. These tasty bulbs can be baked, steamed, or enjoyed raw -- ...

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Aug. 19, 2015

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini is a summer squash, so it makes sense that it is so plentiful right now at the height of ...

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July 22, 2015

Garlic Scape Pizza

Garlic scape season is still in full swing.  Add this recipe to your growing repertoire. Crust Dough: 2 1/4 cups ...

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July 14, 2015

Easy Cherry Hand Pies

All the flavour of a family-style pie, with the cuteness factor of a mini-pie. Crust: 1 1/2 Cups All-purpose flour ...

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July 7, 2015

Cherry Rhubarb Crisp

Do you have a backyard filled with Rhubarb and no idea what to do with it?  Or perhaps you've got ...

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June 3, 2015

Fruit Salsa

You already love fruit salad, so chances are you will adore her little sister, fruit salsa! The best fruit salsa ...

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May 20, 2015

Breaded Artichoke

Looking to eat some sultry artichokes but not quite sure how to prepare them? Here is one of our favourite ...

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May 12, 2015

Banana Walnut Bread

If you remember we posted about how our bananas are special earlier this year and how to ripen them at home ...

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May 4, 2015

Blueberry Quinoa Cereal

Takes around 15 minutes to prepare! Perfect for a quick dish for a breakfast in bed for your Mother this ...

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May 4, 2015

Sugar Raspberry Cookies

Easy dessert for those who can't make the blueberry breakfast cereal this Sunday but still want to give mom some ...

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April 29, 2015

Carrot Cake with Coconut Frosting

A great cake to use up some of those last 2014 carrots! Carrot Cake A classic spring treat! 1 ½ ...

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March 31, 2015

Pea Shoots with Garlic

A quick and flavourful side dish.  Try your favourite pea shoots in a new way. 4 Tbsp soy sauce 2 ...

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March 17, 2015

Easy Ricotta

I bet you didn’t know how easy it is to make this fresh cheese.  Yum! 4 Cups Whole Milk 2 ...

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March 3, 2015

Honey Roasted Almonds

2 Cups raw almonds 1/4 Cup sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp cinnamon 2 Tbsp water 2 tsp oil 2 ...

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Feb. 24, 2015

Roasted Beet Chips

Transform a humble beet into a fun snack! 2 beets 1 tsp olive oil Salt and pepper Preheat oven to ...

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Feb. 17, 2015

Banana Oat Bread

If you are like us, you have a few over-ripe bananas in your freezer at this exact moment. 1 heaping ...

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Feb. 10, 2015

Chocolate Blueberry Cake

1 ¼ Cup whole wheat flour 6 Tbsp cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp baking soda 1 tsp ...

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Feb. 4, 2015

Cilantro Yogurt Dressing

Salads can be a fun way to showcase seasonal ingredients and there is no better way to highlight the flavours ...

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Oct. 30, 2014

Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

[gallery ids="4452,4454,4456,4453,4455,4457"] This recipe should make approximately 26-30 jalapeño poppers. INGREDIENTS 3/4 lb. of jalapeños (13-15 peppers) Vegan coconut bacon by ...

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Oct. 10, 2014

Mocha Fruit Medley - Hannah's Birthday Dessert!

[caption id="attachment_4298" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Hannah with her dessert - it was gone within the hour![/caption] At the beginning of September ...

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Oct. 6, 2014

Roasted Cranberry Brussels Sprouts with MAPLE SYRUP!

INGREDIENTS 1 pound Brussels sprouts, remove tips & wilted leaves. Slice in half. 1 tablespoon certified organic olive oil ⅔ cup ...

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Sept. 7, 2014

Zucchini & Carrot Fritters

How lucky are we to have so much LOCAL & SEASONAL produce available right now?! Here's a delish breakfast, lunch, ...

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