<p id="zlrecipe-ingredients" class="h-4 strong" style="color: #666666;"><strong>Ingredients:</strong></p> <ul id="zlrecipe-ingredients-list" style="color: #666666;"> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-0" class="ingredient"><strong>2 cups</strong> (200 grams) finely grated &amp; peeled Alberta carrots, about 4 medium</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-1" class="ingredient"><strong>2 cups</strong> (about 200 grams) finely diced &amp; peeled Early Gold BC apples</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-3" class="ingredient"><strong>3 tablespoons</strong> (45 ml) freshly squeezed organic lemon juice</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-4" class="ingredient"><strong>1 teaspoon</strong> <em>Organic Fair</em> cinnamon powder</li> <li class="ingredient"><strong>&#189; teaspoon</strong> <em>Organic Fair</em> nutmeg powder</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-6" class="ingredient"><strong>&#189; teaspoon</strong> <em>Spice Sanctuary</em> whole cloves, ground (using a clean coffee grinder)</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-7" class="ingredient"><strong>1</strong> <strong>(1.75-ounce/49- to 57-gram)</strong> <strong>package</strong> regular powdered fruit pectin</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-8" class="ingredient"><strong>4 cups</strong> (800 grams) of our <em>bulk</em> Fair-Trade cane sugar</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-10" class="ingredient"><strong>&#189; teaspoon</strong> (2.5 ml) pure organic vanilla extract</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-11" class="ingredient"><strong>&#188; cup</strong> (30 grams) of our <em>bulk</em> flaked coconut</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-12" class="ingredient"><strong>2 tablespoons</strong>&#160;of our <em>bulk</em> organic crystallized ginger, finely chopped</li> </ul> Special Equipment &amp; Supplies <ul style="color: #666666;"> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-15" class="ingredient"><strong>6 to 7</strong> (8-ounce/250 ml) <strong>half-pint</strong> canning jars with lids and rings</li> <li id="zlrecipe-ingredient-16" class="ingredient">Canning Kit with Boiling-Water Canner</li> </ul> <p id="zlrecipe-instructions" class="h-4 strong" style="color: #666666;"><strong>Preparation:</strong></p> <div id="zlrecipe-instruction-0" class="instruction"> <ol> <li>Prepare canner, jars and lids.</li> <li>In a large and deep stainless steel saucepan, combine grated carrots, diced apple, lemon juice and spices. Over high heat, bring mixture to a boil and stir frequently. Reduce heat to medium and cover. Boil gently, stirring occasionally (to prevent scorching), about 20 minutes.</li> <li>Remove saucepan from heat and lid from saucepan. Immediately sprinkle in pectin and whisk briskly until completely dissolved. Return saucepan to high heat and bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Add sugar all at once and return to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Continue to cook at a full rolling boil, stirring constantly, for <strong>1 minute</strong>. Remove saucepan from heat and skim off foam using a metal slotted spoon. Stir in vanilla, coconut, and crystallized ginger.</li> <li>Carefully ladle hot jam into hot prepared (sterilized) jars, leaving <strong>&#188; inch</strong> (0.5 cm) <strong>headspace</strong>. Remove any air bubbles and adjust headspace if necessary by adding additional jam. Wipe rim clean and center lid on jar. Tightly screw band down until resistance is met and then increase to fingertip-tight.</li> <li>Place sealed jars into canner, ensuring they are completely covered with water. Bring to a boil with the canner lid on and then process for *10 minutes. Remove canner lid and wait 5 minutes. Remove jars, cool on wire racks and store.</li> </ol> </div> <div class="instruction"></div> <div class="instruction">Find most of these ingredients on our <a href="https://www.theorganicbox.ca/">Website</a>.</div> <div class="instruction"></div> <div class="instruction">*Be sure to adjust the canning time if you live at a high altitude - in Edmonton <strong>add 5-10 minutes</strong>.</div>