Living wages have always been a priority for us at The Organic Box. &#160;Since the election of our new government in Alberta last month, there have been several new policy platforms announced for Albertans. &#160;One of these is the introduction of a minimum wage increase that will see the current bottom&#160;wage of $10.20 raised to $15.00 per hour over the next three years. &#160;This has created much discussion in the food service and agriculture community as we ponder how this will affect us as an industry. &#160;One question I have been asked several times since the election has been: &#160;<em>How will a higher minimum wage affect your business?</em> Since Miranda and I started the Organic Box six years ago, we have always believed in paying our staff a wage that reflects the cost of living in the communities we serve. &#160;We have never paid any of our team members in Alberta less than $15.00 per hour and the current starting wages for our team in Alberta range from $15.55 to $18.55. &#160;But, working at The Organic Box is about more than just the wages we pay. <strong>Compensation and Benefits</strong> We believe in paying our team a living wage for their work, plus offering health insurance and extended benefits such as life insurance and alternative health treatments to our workers, both full time and part time. &#160;We also recognize the value of our team by offering them a strong&#160;discount on the products we sell, so they can be sure to benefit from the work put in by our food family in their own kitchens. &#160;The Organic Box is also a participant in the ETS@Work program and subsidizes bus passes for our staff to encourage them to use public transit. &#160;We use shift premium pay to reward team members for working through harsh weather to make our deliveries happen, or for jumping from one department to another as needed to support the whole team. <strong>Work Environment</strong> Where and how you work is just as important as how much you are paid. &#160;When we built our new facility last summer we invested in the food production area by opening up natural light throughout the facility. &#160;The staff room and locker room are also both large, open spaces with lots of room to recharge on breaks and relax when not working. &#160;The work environment itself has been built with ergonomics in mind, and with the support of the Government of Alberta we have launched on an efficiency program designed to improve the productivity of our workforce without sacrificing health and wellness. <strong>Careers, Not Jobs</strong> We want our team members to see working here as more than a job, and so we have developed a program of flexible shifts and working times, plus retirement savings accounts with employer matching, an annual employee profit sharing plan, a career pathing program to allow people to move up in our organization, and a program of learning and training sessions designed to help our team develop its skills and serve our members better. <strong>Your Support Makes this Happen</strong> Your ongoing and continued support of our program and our network of farms and producers sends the message to our team and our community that you too value our compensation program and the people that work here. &#160;If you would like to meet some of our team members, browse through our profiles on the blog: &#160;<a title="Team Member Tuesdays" href="">Team Member Tuesdays</a>. &#160;We have 53 people working here in Alberta and BC and each one brings something special to our team and our food family. Supporting The Organic Box is about more than the food. &#160;Its about the communities we create and serve, and a dedication to the friends and families who live in them. <em>So, how will the new minimum wage affect our business? &#160;It won't. &#160;We are already leading on this issue and will continue to lead&#160;in the years ahead.</em> Thank you for your support, it is truly appreciated. All the best, Danny Co-Founder and Owner