<p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">Another sure sign that summer is in full swing is the appearance of bulk cases of produce to can and pickle.&#160; This week we have cherries, peaches, blueberries, and cucumbers.&#160; In the next few weeks we should see even more canning options.</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">If you are new to canning or pickling, do not feel daunted.&#160; Other than a few special tools (jars, lids, a big water canner and jar lifter), small and medium batch canning is easily achieved at home.&#160; This month on the blog, we will be featuring <a href="https://blog.theorganicbox.ca/category/recipes-tags/" target="_blank">tips and recipes</a> for our favourite easy canned goods. &#160;Already we have crowd-sourced a wonderful tip: <b>When making pickles, use garlic scapes to flavour the pickles instead of whole garlic cloves.&#160; When the pickles are ready, they will have a fantastic garlic flavour and the resulting pickled scapes at the bottom of the jar are a tasty pickle treat!</b></span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">Have you got a family-tested favourite canning recipe?&#160; Please share with us so we can spread the love with our entire food family.&#160; What about a helpful tip that makes canning and pickling run smoothly in your household?</span></p> <p class="bodycopy"><span lang="EN-US">I pickled my first jar of dilly beans last July and I was immediately hooked!&#160; I brought the canner out of my basement this week and am ready to use it all canning season long!</span></p>