We can all agree that going out for a fancy coffee is a treat, especially now that there is access to great coffee in all corners of the city.  But making a great cup of coffee at home is also a delightful treat and with a little bit of practice and a few tools, you can create delightful coffee without the price tag. 1. Start with the beans.  The secret to a great cup of coffee at home is knowing what kind of beans you love.  Is an espresso roast your preference or do you prefer a dark blend?  Try out a few types of coffee beans and find the one that fits you best. 2. It's all about the grind.  Depending on what type of coffee preparation you enjoy, the grind is extremely important.  An electric hand grinder will do a great job for drip fliter, pour-over and french-press style coffee, but if it is espresso you are after, then a finer espresso grind is a must.  A more heavy-duty grinder might be what you are after. 3. Choose your preparation.  There are almost as many tools to brew coffee as there are coffee lovers out there.  Choose a style that fits your routine.  Pressed for time? An automatic coffee machine prepped the night before might be the way to go.  Do you have a bit of time and just want a single cup?  Try out an Aeropress or small pour-over tool like a Chemex.  Sitting across the table from a loved one? Share a pot of french press.  Just like the beans, each type of coffee tool will lend a different set of flavours and characteristics. 4. Get Brewin'! No matter what you choose, have some fun with your coffee and enjoy it just the way you like.  Top with cocoa or cinnamon, a sprinkle of sugar or straight black. Happy Coffee Week Everyone!