Got GREEN BANANAS? Magically make them YELLOW by following these simple tricks: 

  STEP ONE: Gather what you'll need  

Start by utilizing your existing ripe fruits - like apples, mangos, pears, tomatoes, avocados and even other, ripe bananas!

You'll also need a paper bag or paper envelope - even your Organic Box will work!

STEP TWO: Add your fruit into your bag  

Place the ripe fruit along with your green bananas into your bag

Snuggle them in there nice & close - a smaller area will help concentrate the ethylene gas within your bag or box.

STEP 3: Trap that ethylene   

Roll the top of your bag down and do your best to keep it as sealed as you can. If using your Organic Box - you can place a tea-towel or small piece of cardboard directly on top of the fruit to make your container area as small as possible.

STEP 4: Waiting...   

The next step is to ... WAIT! ... and let the *MAGIC* happen. Left for a couple of days on your counter should at least trigger the ripening process. The longer you leave them in the bag - the riper your bananas will be. Keep checking on them!

STEP 5: TA-DA -- Yellow Bananas!   

Once they have reached your desired ripeness - you can remove them along with the other fruit from your bag.

  STEP 6: Enjoy!   

We love our special Fair Trade Bananas!

We hope this HOW TO helps you the next time your bananas need a little extra ripening to get them just perfect for you and your family! If you do give this a go and still find your bananas less-than-satisfactory - please contact us and we will adjust you account accordingly. 

For more information on our bananas and the journey they take to get to us here in Edmonton - we invite you to read more about our special bananas here. Thank you so much for your continued support - we truly are Growing Better Together!