<h2>Apples Apples Apples</h2> <p>Some of you will remember back in June and July when we had no apples and you felt like there was a hole in your life! Well. I&apos;ve just come back from BC with the last of our apple harvest and we have over 5 tonnes of apples in our warehouse now to ship over the next few months. On Just A Mere Organic Farm in Creston, BC, we grow Jonagold, Spartan, Macintosh and Pink Lady. They&apos;ve all been picked and packed and I&apos;ve driven our 5-ton truck back through the mountainsfor the last time this year, full to the brim with apple goodness.</p> <p>This is the time to buy apples from us. They are plentiful, fresh and inexpensive. Because we grow some of our own fruit, we can offer them for much less than grocery stores. The quality is top notch and the tastes are excellent. We are also selling 18lb boxes straight out of our warehouse for $16.00. Spread the word and please come down and see us.Take advantage now!</p> <p>My son Alek was bagging up his &apos;Little October&apos; pumpkins this weekend for sale. These are perfect for halloween - they are ornamental sized but still edible, so you can paint, draw or carve little jack-o-lanterns and then still enjoypumpkin soup afterwards. These are his crop and he is excited for everyone to try a bag of three mini-pumpkins this year. Look in the Featured Items section on the Choose Your Box page to add these to your box.</p> <p><strong>Its time for Winter Delivery Instructions</strong> </p> <p>On my last trip back from BC, I ran into some pretty snowy highways coming through the Rockies andit reminded me that winter is upon us. Please remember that our normal delivery hours are noon to 10pm, so if you are expecting your box and it is getting dark, <strong>please turn on your porch light for our drivers to see</strong>. If we can&apos;t see your house number or if your front steps aren&apos;t safe, we will have trouble getting your box of food to you this winter.</p> <p>Its also time to start thinking about <strong>winter delivery instructions</strong>. Your box won&apos;t survive in -10C weather for more than 30 minutes outside, so please start thinking about winter conditions and how you want your box delivered. Some options include:</p> <ol> <li>We can put it in your garage if you have a keypad entry system.</li> <li>We can leave it with a specified neighbour if you aren&apos;t home.</li> <li>If you aren&apos;t home, we can bring it back to the warehouse and you can pick it up from our warehouse on Wednesday to Fridays during business hours and 9-1pm on Saturdays.</li> <li>Something else creative that you can devise!</li> </ol> <p>Boxes without winter delivery instructions will be<strong> left on the front step if you aren&apos;t home</strong>, so please take the time to update your instructions and let us know what you would like us to do for you. Delivery instructions can be updated by clicking the &apos;My Account&apos; button on the right hand side of the Choose Your Box page.</p> <p>At The Organic Box we are always growing, always looking for ways to get better, and always trying to find ways to get more of your shopping basket filled by Alberta and BC food producers. We can do it! You are helping!</p> <p>Havea Great Week!</p> <p>Danny.<br />Founder, The Organic Box.</p> <h2>Featured LocalProducers</h2> <table cellspacing=&quot;15&quot; cellpadding=&quot;0&quot; bgcolor=&quot;#edf0e9&quot;> <tbody> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;chililime&quot; alt=&quot;chililime&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/chililime.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Stock Issues:</h2> <p>Holy moly! The support and enthusiasm you all showed for the new flavoured salts, spices, and hot chocolate mix was amazing. All of the products from Organic Fair really are so good, and we were excited to see that you were just as pumped as we were. Orders were so numerous that Organic Fair was unable to fill our full order, and so unfortunately some were shorted for this week. The good news is though that stock has been replenished and all Organic Fair products are now available to order! So dig in and enjoy. </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;frozenwaffles&quot; alt=&quot;frozenwaffles&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/npwafflesancient01.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Frozen Waffles!!</h2> <p>We are expanding our product listings again and are now carrying Nature&apos;s Path Frozen Waffles. Absolutely delicious and healthy, these frozen waffles are made from Canadian organic grains and are wonderful way to start the day. A box contains 6 frozen waffles in the following flavours:</p> <p>Ancient Grain<br />Chia Plus - Gluten Free<br />Flax Plus Red Berry</p> <p>Drizzle in Uncle Luke&apos;s Maple Syrup! Pure, organic, Canadian maplesyrup. Yum! </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign=&quot;top&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;><img title=&quot;Peashoot&quot; alt=&quot;Peashoot&quot; src=&quot;/uploadedImages/009_-_This_Week/peashoots01.jpg&quot; /></td> <td><h2>Peashoots, Peashoots, Peashoots:</h2> <p>Sunrise Gardens is our local sprout/shoot grower. Based in Onoway, Dawn drives into Edmonton at least once a week to deliver us amazingly nutritious pea shoots, microgreens, and pet grass. We absolutely love this stuff on everything. It&apos;s great in salads, on sandwiches, garnishing soups or stir fries... you name it, and it&apos;s probably awesome. </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>