This week we continue to fill out our new meat program with the introduction of Serben Free Range pork products. &#160;Jered and Julia are well underway transitioning their farm to organic and we will have the full line of their pork products for you this spring. In the meantime, Jered has dropped off the last of his 2014 stock and its now available for our members to order starting this week. &#160;Hurry! &#160;Stock is very limited and once this is gone it will be a few months until we have the next batch. &#160;Here is what we have to offer you: <ul> <li>Pork - Ground 1 lb</li> <li>Pork Chops - Centre</li> <li>Pork Chops - Rib</li> <li>Pork Chops - Sirloin</li> <li>Pork Rib - Back</li> <li>Pork Rib - Side</li> </ul> No bacon or sausages, but they are coming in the spring! You asked, and we listened. &#160;I received many requests to bring Jered and Julia's pork products into our food family and I am so pleased that we have been able to make it happen. &#160;Find their products under the '<a href=";idCategoryTop0=340" target="_blank">Serben Free Range Pork</a>' Section in the online market. Have a Great Week. All the best, Danny Co-Founder