At the start of every calendar year food writers far and wide make predictions about what is going to be popular on the culinary scene in the next 12 months.&#160; Sometimes these can be global trends, sometimes hyper local trends. Often food trend &#8216;predictions&#8217; are really just a catch-up of food-related things that have been making waves in the preceding months.&#160; Often, so-called &#8216;trendy&#8217; foods are really mainstays on the culinary circuit that are finally getting some badly-need publicity. This year we took a stab at a few predictions about what will and should be popular in 2016.&#160; We are excited about ALL things food-related and we are excited to see if our predictions come true. <strong>Seaweed</strong> We think seaweed falls into the &#8216;gaining popularity and poised to make a splash&#8217; category.&#160; Seaweed is nutrient-dense, comes in a wide variety of styles (and flavours) and is a tasty snack that is sure to make you reconsider your go-to chips or crackers.&#160; We carry several different types of seaweed, from kelp noodles to flavoured seaweed snacks.&#160; Give them a try this week! <strong>Fermented Foods</strong> We know that fermented foods are going to be big in 2016, primarily because so many new options have become widely available in recent months.&#160; Fermentation is an ancient method of food preservation that results in a richly probiotic food.&#160; Think sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, miso, kombucha and many others. <strong>Fresh Produce</strong> For us, this one is as easy to predict as a sunrise.&#160; It is no secret that consumers everywhere are looking for high-quality fresh produce.&#160; The Organic Box will surely be your best tool in accessing heirloom varieties of your family&#8217;s favourites along with our every-week offerings of the freshest fruit and veggies around. <strong>Bison</strong> In the world of protein and meat products, Bison is gaining popularity.&#160; Lean, flavourful meat from a local supplier with strong ethical values and a keen sense of environmental stewardship.&#160; A Must-Try in 2016. <strong>Ready-Made Foods</strong> It is no secret that everyone has less and less time these days.&#160; Healthy quick meals are going to take off in 2016.&#160; Look forward to some exciting developments in this realm in 2016!