Many of you are likely aware of the huge project we undertook this year to move from our old location to our <strong>new 17,000 square foot food hub</strong> in east Edmonton. This new facility gives the food community in Edmonton a massive upgrade in cold storage and freezer capacity as well as a new processing facility designed to increase the capacity to process and market ever more food in our city. However, we know that our members want us to find and bring the best of the best in product choices for their boxes and so in early November I asked for everyone to send me their product requests. We've taken that feedback and sourced <strong>200 new items</strong> for our catalogue, available starting this week. Check out the <a title="The Organic Box Market" href="" target="_blank">Organic Market</a> and see some of the new choices: <strong>Green Home Products:</strong> We've got an excellent range of paper-less paper products for your home including bathroom tissue, kitchen towels and facial tissue. These are made from bamboo and sugarcane, both fast growing grasses that replenish much quicker than traditional trees. There are also excellent soaps, cleaners and detergents now available. Check out the new Green Home section in the catalogue. <strong>Frozen Products:</strong> With an 800 square foot freezer we now have the room to offer a wide range of frozen produce and bakery items including an excellent selection of frozen fruits and vegetables, pies, pastries and more. Check out the new Freezer section in the catalogue. <strong>Breakfast:</strong> We now have the full range of cereals, porridges and granolas available, in standard and gluten-free choices. Make your breakfast better and choose some of our fantastic new morning snacks. Check out the expanded Breakfast section in the catalogue. <strong>Pantry:</strong> The new Pantry section has expanded lines in every category, including a new mac and cheese category with quinoa, flax and standard options. Mac and Cheese for everyone! <strong>Canned Goods, Sauces and Snacks:</strong> These sections have been expanded with lots of new soup and sauce options, plus we welcome a new line of canned tomato products from Utopia. In December we are launching a second round of new products with 200 more new choices including an entire revamp of our meats line with new choices, new products and new delivery standards. Our mission is to bring you the best of the best certified organic groceries by spending the time to source and secure the products you want. Our new facility was the tool we needed to keep growing our offering and service. Thank you so much for your support. We are truly Growing Better Together.