The beginning of summer is nearing and that means road trips, vacations, and weekend getaways are upcoming! We've put together a list of 10 of our favourite fuel good snacks to get you through your upcoming journeys! These feel good, healthy snacks are filling and easy to bring along with you!

Pre-planning for your upcoming summer journeys are a for sure way to make sure that the entire trip goes off without anything going wrong. Making sure that that you have healthy, filling snacks to fuel your body is also a huge plus.

Although it can be super tempting to just grab whatever is most convenient when fueling up the car on the drive, it is not always the healthiest option and it could actually end up leaving you with less energy; So to avoid that we've put this handy list together for you. We've gone through our catalogue and put together a list of 10 items that would be the perfect addition to your road trip prep!

1.) Organic Fair-trade Dried fruits

We have a large selection of certified Organic Fruits that are made free of any additional preservatives, or synthetic sweeteners. A few favourites of ours are dried mango and Patience Fruit & Co. full line up!

2.) Popcorn

Popcorn provides you with a great source of energy thanks to the complex carbs and fibre that will help your body stay regular. Tip: Corn is on the dirty 30 list so make sure the product you get is made from certified organic corn kernels. Avoid microwave popcorn, and opt for pre-popped like NoochPOP or pop your own kernels fresh at the before leaving using just a bit of oil salt and flavouring so you are sure what you getting.

3.) Fresh Organic In Season Local Fruit

You can never go wrong with fruit on a road trip, from delicious apples to strawberries and juicy nectarines, everyone loves fruit! 

4.) Organic Vegetables

Vegetables are another great source of fibres and nutrients that will keep your body regular, provide energy and water to your system to ensure that you are full and ready for your adventures. Organic celery and carrots are easy to pack and hold well over a period of time. Plus they are great with our next recommendation!

5) Dips

Whole ingredients dips are fantastic as they aren't filled with anything extra, and they add extra flavour and nutrients to help those picky eaters who might be tagging along with you! Try Spread'Em Kitchen Co. dips!

6) Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are a solid road trip go to, especially if you are planning to do any labour intensive activities like hiking, and mountain biking! You can get eggs from two local Food Family Producers.

7) Bars

Granola & Energy bars can give you an extra boost to get you through the afternoon until dinner or tie you over until you arrive at your destination. There is a huge selection of bars to choose from at The Organic box, we recommend Horny Island Bars (Organic and Locally made in BC), Oatmega bars taste like cookies and have grass-fed whey protein, FreeYumm bars are great for little ones and is made with whole ingredients, and Clif Bars organic and are sold by the case for some savings!

8) Energy Bites

These little guys are a great treat that almost everyone will love. We have 2 local Food Family producers who make these! Little Tucker has 5 great flavours that are packed with fibre protein and omega 3. Eat Goodness bitesare Keto friendly with 4 great flavours!

9) Cheese Sticks

Not only is there something slightly nostalgic about eating string cheese, but it is also filled with healthy fats, protein and complex carbs to keep your energy levels up and your hunger satisfied! Organic Meadows Cheese Sticks are made by a farming Co-op in Ontario.

10) Crackers

Crackers can be a great source of fibre and will pair really with dips, or cheese strings to help keep you extra full. Laiki Rice crackers are a solid choice and we carry flavours. Eve's Crackers are keto friendly, gluten and dairy free.

"Fuel good" snacks are easy to find and they can come from local producers across Alberta and BC. The better the fuel you put into your body the more reward you will get out of it during your adventures. Just don't be tempted by those sweet treats at the gas station and plan ahead and you'll be sure to have a great trip, no matter where you are going!