We go beyond the box to invest in our community every day.

Growing Better Together

These three words are our way of stoking the flames of a movement that is already ignited. They point towards social responsibility. They ask us to be accountable for our actions—not just as a business, but also as individuals. They urge us to make healthy and sustainable choices.

These words are rooted in the realization that each of us can support a better world with every dollar we spend, and that we can go Beyond the Box to make a real difference in our communities. The Organic Box believes in living this philosophy every single day.

Providing a fruitful future to our community means a lot to us.

Beyond the Box is our way of doing that. Giving back is something we do every day, and is an extension of who we are, both as a company and as individuals.

We started Beyond the Box to support those who share our conscious decision-making and help other organic agriculture organizations grow a happier planet. This fund was ultimately created to embody one simple fact: A healthy choice today will create a healthier tomorrow. 

Our Major Projects

A Food Budget for YESS

Edmonton is home to the Youth Empowerment and Support Services - an emergency shelter and recovery centre for the homeless and vunerable kids living on our streets and parks.  The shelter provides overnight accomodation and long term programming to help bring young people off the streets and give them a future. Everyday YESS saves the lives of dozens of youths that have nowhere else to turn.

YESS has no food budget and relies on food donations to supply over 5,000 meals a month to its clients.  Since we opened in 2010, The Organic Box has provided donations to YESS on a weekly basis to help them feed our youth.

In 2015, we launched our Food Budget Program to give the kitchen at YESS a steady budget of food that they could order to make sure that they always had the staples they need in the kitchen.  The Organic Box matches 100% of donations made by our members and last year we donated over $35,000 in food to the YESS kitchen. 

Juice With Love

The Stollery Children's Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Hospital are both wonderful resources for parents of sick kids in Northern Alberta.  Servicing families from across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and the NWT, people travel from across our country to get their children the very best in pediatric care.  When they are here, many stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta.  This home away from home is a respite for families during what is often either the worst or the best times of their lives.

Making sure that families eat well and kids are provided with the best nutritional opportunities possible is part of the success of this house.  The Organic Box has supported the house since opening in 2010, and in 2014 we launched our very special Juice With Love partnership alongside Glow Juicery.  We work together with Glow and the House to prepare weekly fresh, raw juices for the residents of the house and the children under care.  The Organic Box donates fresh fruits and vegetables every week that are transformed into these juices.

When you buy fresh juice from Glow in your Organic Box, you are supporting this program and giving the gift of healthy, organic, raw juice to kids and families that need it most.

We Give in Lots of Other Ways Too

Many of the organizations or causes we work with focus on childhood nutrition, education or food security, including:

  • Inner city school lunch programs 
  • Christmas Bureau Holiday Hamper deliveries
  • YESS Doorstop donations
  • Organic Alberta Council donations through our Fruit Truck sales
  • Education about the value of organic and importance of eating local to elementary students
  • Various other community commitments

The Organic Box also partners with organizations involved with industry development or education about organics in our community. For these initiatives, we often provide food donations, silent auction items, community outreach programs and straight cash donations.

Another way we love giving back is by providing businesses that are trying to find or grow markets with helpful advice and mentoring. We also do our best to create a market for them by promoting them to our food family members.

If you are creating a healthier future or know someone who is, let us know. We might be able to help.