We go beyond the box to invest in our community every day.

Growing Better Together

These three words are our way of stoking the flames of a movement that is already ignited. They point towards social responsibility. They ask us to be accountable for our actions—not just as a business, but also as individuals. They urge us to make healthy and sustainable choices.

These words are rooted in the realization that each of us can support a better world with every dollar we spend, and that we can go Beyond the Box to make a real difference in our communities. The Organic Box believes in living this philosophy every single day.

Providing a fruitful future to our community means a lot to us.

The 'Beyond The Box' fee is a standard fee that we charge all members to help offset the many costs that The Organic Box incurs for activities that go beyond the daily operational expenses of the business.  This fee in the past was called the sustainability fee, but we felt that it needed a change in wording as sustainability did not quite fit with all that we are doing that goes beyond being just a business that sells food online. 

The fees collected go to supporting community events in the communities that we deliver to, supporting the many not-for-profit businesses that do amazing work in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray and the Bow Valley, our pick-up location volunteer programs, plus many other smaller towns that we deliver to as well.  

The fees collected help to offset the transportation costs that The Organic Box incurs to pick up and deliver small scale growers' products to our warehouse in Edmonton, as well as transporting leftovers to non-profits so that this food is diverted from the landfill or from being simply composted.   

The fees collected also help us be able take on projects that help reduce our ecological foot print as well as support open source communities with the technology that we are developing as a result of our online business.

We chose to make the original sustainability fee, which is now called 'The Beyond the Box' fee, mandatory as part of a financial commitment from all Food Family Members to support the change that The Organic Box is a part of to change the food landscape in Alberta.  With out this fee many important commitments and projects would have to be cancelled or put on hold while the economy in Alberta recovers.  

We started Beyond the Box to support those who share our conscious decision-making and help other organic agriculture organizations grow a happier planet. This fund was ultimately created to embody one simple fact: A healthy choice today will create a healthier tomorrow. 

Weekly and ongoing projects

Many of the organizations or causes we work with focus on childhood nutrition, education or food security.

The Organic Box partners with organizations involved with industry development or education about organics in our community. For these initiatives, we often provide food donations, silent auction items, community outreach programs and straight cash donations.

Another way we love giving back is by providing businesses that are trying to find or grow markets with helpful advice and mentoring. We also do our best to create a market for them by promoting them to our food family members.

If you are creating a healthier future or know someone who is, let us know. We might be able to help.

Our Impact

Keeping our Carbon Footprint in Check

The Organic Box cares deeply about this planet, which is why we are 100% committed to working under a sustainable business model and providing environmental leadership within our local food community. 

Decreasing our environmental impact is a continuous process we tirelessly pursue. We have defined several areas where we are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and be a more sustainable business.