From our farmers' fields, right to your door.

The Organic Box is a food family made up of local producers, warehouse and delivery staff working together to bring you the very best food available throughout the year. Finding sources of local, organic food is our passion. And working with local farmers who share our values is something we feel truly grateful for.

When you become a member of our food family, you are choosing to help create a healthy community and build your local economy. From the soil that nourishes its roots to the trusted hands that nurture it, we deliver great tasting, certified organic food you can feel good about eating.

Our Food Hub

The Organic Box brings people who eat food and people who make food, together. Every day, we work hard to push the limits and find new food family members, which is why we are host to Edmonton's largest and one of Western Canada's most successful food hubs.

Organic matters.

The word organic can sometimes be confusing. With more and more products being labelled under this title, how do you know what's legit and what isn't? More importantly, is organic really that much better for you?

There are some valuable things to consider about organic food that may answer some of your questions and make you feel good about switching to a healthier, more sustainable way of eating.