Food is an experience 

In Latin America it is the aroma and bustle of the crowded street market, where you grab a meal fresh from a charcoal grill. It is the laughter and comfort of the all-day extended family barbeque that starts out as lunch and drifts warmly into supper. It is the artisan tradition of slowly smoking or curing meats following generations-old recipes that are never written down. 

El Chorizo Latino was born from the idea of bringing authentic Latin American flavour and culture to Edmonton’s local food scene.

Meet John

Culinarian. Lifelong learner. El Chorizo Latino’s recipe creator. John grew up in various parts of Canada and Mexico, but his family roots are Argentinian and he spent several formative early years dreaming of the Gaucho (cowboy) life. He is a creative cook, and enjoys learning about the origins and history of different types of food.

Meet Angela

Planner. Devoted Edmontonian. El Chorizo Latino’s idea incubator. Angela was raised in Edmonton, where she has been an avid participant in the city’s local scene. She is interested in Canadian stories, and spent several formative post-secondary years dreaming of the Canadian identity. She is attentive to detail, and appreciates good design.  

John and Angela are married and raising two active monkeys in the middle of the city.