Paul Shumlich was researching food security while in university. Aquaponic technology seemed like part of the solution - a way to provide nutrients and protein all year, no matter the climate. Together with co-founder Kevin Daniels, the two set out to build prototype systems in their universities and in their backyards.

Paul and Kevin met Reid Henuset in November, 2017 and the three of them started to bring their vision to life. A prototype farm is built and the first commercial sales begin. Chef Blair Clemis at Model Milk, Chef Steve Smee at Ten Foot Henry, and Chef Quinn Staple at Hotel Arts are the first to support the aquaponics in Calgary. The science experiment becomes a business.

A full-sized farm is opened in a new warehouse - 10,000 sq. ft. of growing space and room for tens of thousands of fish! The team begins to expand, hiring three new full-time employees.

To announce the official launch of the new farm a crowdfunding campaign runs during the month of December. and the farm catches the attention of the media and is catapulted into the spotlight. In November 2018, the first fish sale is made to Chef Darren MacLean at Shokunin. The farm is now fully operational.


The farm now employs more than a dozen full-time staff and operates seven days a week. As of October, 2019, we’re growing hundreds of pounds of kale, arugula, and mustard greens each week and raising more than 50,000 fish.


We want to change the way Canadians eat by providing fresh food all year round. To do this, we’re going to expand the farm vertically and improve the growth rates of the plants and fish in the system. When this farm is complete, it will produce more than 2 tons of leafy greens each week, as well as 500 pounds of fish.