Fairtrade Bananas

Fairtrade means better prices, decent working conditions and a fair deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.

In return for a Fairtrade premium, our producers provide customers with a stable and reliable supply of high quality, Fairtrade and organic Fairtrade bananas throughout the year.

Together we work hard to meet the quality demands of customers around the world.

Full traceability and the operation of rigid controls throughout all stages of the supply chain ensure that the fruit meets the requirements of both customers and certified organisations, including Fairtrade, Organic and GlobalG.A.P.

Coliman Organics

The first Mexican grower to obtain organic Fairtrade certification for their bananas. Coliman has created a pioneering and sustainable business model that is both commercially successful and has also had a significant social impact on the local communities.

With a 300-hectare organic banana farm and state of the art packing house, Coliman is our most significant and stable producer in Mexico.