Uncover the secrets of our Clever products, crafted in Canada, and learn about our unique production processes.

We select the finest botanicals and meticulously source them.

Botanicals are the herbs, spices, fruits, that give our mocktails and non-alcoholic gin their unique flavours.

We artisanally distill these botanical extracts in an authentic copper still to capture their bright and vibrant flavours. We only distill in small batches, adding just the right quantity of botanicals.

The result is a refined, refreshing, non-alcoholic drink that doesn't ask you to compromise on taste, with no downsides of alcohol.

<p>As someone who loves the taste of alcohol but not the effects, this was a game changer! Being able to enjoy a G &amp; Tonic after a long day satisfied me completely without the headache the next day. Highly Recommend--- Heidi</p>