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Zebroff - Cherries - Frozen - BC

BC Made

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"Growing our cherries has become very important to our family. Since beginning here in 1973 we have never applied unnatural and toxic materials commonly used to grow cherries. Using organic methods and natural materials for the soil and trees has produced a beautiful crop. Harmonizing out organic growing with nature enhances the natural taste and nutrition of our cherries"

For continuous supply throughout the year, we have been providing our cherries as pitted and frozen but not only in bulk. Now we are pleased to offer this 500g package for serving convenience at home
For optimum qualities of flavor, color and nutrition, the fresh-picked cherries are pitted and individually-quick-frozen (OGF) right here on our farm. Slightly thawed these cherries make wonderful food: as an 'almost fresh' fruit snack or dessert, as a cereal topping, and in smoothies and baking


Frozen pitted organically, grown sweet cherries. MAY CONTAIN PITS

British Columbia

Zebroff's Organic Farm

Organic, Fruit