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Wildwood - Tofu, Firm


$5.89/439 g (2 pack)

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Keeping It Wild Since 1978. A Leader of Plant-Based Foods. Wildwood began as a small deli in San Francisco (1978) and has grown into a premier company of healthy and organic food products. Wildwood offers a range of organic tofu as products that are favorites among health-conscious families. It is through our unfettered commitment to quality and transparency that we made all Wildwood products feature the Food Marketing Institute “Facts Up Front” labeling. The Wildwood family of products delivers on our mission to offer a variety of organic tofu products, perfect for creating meals that are better for you and your family without sacrificing taste. Get in touch with us here, and join our community on Facebook and Twitter. Wildwood Organic foods is one of the beloved brands of Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc., a leader in refrigerated all-natural food products.


water, organic soybeans, contains 2% or less of: calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride.