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Truffula Tree Nut Creamery

Truffula - Cultured Cashew Cheese - Prairie Herb 250g

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Holiday Favourites

$23.19/250 g

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Because our dreamy dill wheel is a resounding success, we listened to our customers’ wishes for a bigger, more spreadable version and came up with the prairie herb jar. A blend of Chickadee Farms’ dill, sweet basil, and parsley together with extra virgin olive oil, dried onion and garlic, this cultured cashew cheese starts out creamy like our original jar, but the olive oil works to give it a more crumbly texture (it’s often compared to a Boursin cheese in texture and flavour). Brimming with fresh herbs, this jar is fan favourite and a top seller. Dip or dollop, this jar is a crowd pleaser and a toothsome treat. Serve on our crispbreads, crackers, or bagels or alongside fresh cut veggies.


Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Organic Alberta herbs (sweet basil, parsley, dill), Organic extra-virgin olive oil, Himalayan pink salt, Organic garlic & onion granules, organic black peppercorns, bacterial cultures.


Truffula Tree Nut Creamery