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The Cheese Factory

The Cheese Factory - Cheese Curds

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Gluten Free


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If you have never had fresh cheese curds, you must try them at least once! A heritage classic, cheese curds are mild, fresh, bite-size solid parts of milk protein. Our cheesemaker starts off with 100% local fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. Rennet is added to clot the milk and the solids are extracted to form fresh cheese curds. Cheese curds are milky, mild and fresh tasting. Sometimes referred to as Squeaky Cheese, as the fresh curds squeak against your teeth when bitten. Cheese curds can be eaten alone or used in dishes. Apart from being the star ingredient in Poutine, fresh cheese curds are used as a favorite appetizer, creamy burger topping or as the perfect addition to salads and casseroles. They can be served with an additional flavour such as jalapeño peppers, garlic, various herbs, and spice blends such as Cajun. Fried cheese curds are extremely popular when served with a side of hot sauce as a melty, irresistible comfort food. They are protein-rich and excellent sources of calcium.


Pasteurized Alberta cow's milk, bacterial culture, vegetarian rennet, salt, microbial enzyme.


The Cheese Factory

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