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Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap

Tanglewood - Deodorant - Push-up Tube - Lively Grapefruit

250km from Warehouse
Family Owned Producer
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Handmade Product

$13.99/40 ml

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New! Enjoy our fantastic toxin free, effective Botanical Deodorant, now in an earth-friendly, convenient tube! Specially handcrafted with natural ingredients to control body odour while gently detoxifying underarms daily. This silky natural deodorant glides on smoothly, leaves no residue, and has received awesome feed back since it's launch in September 2017! Scented with refreshing, bacteria controlling essential oils! Baking soda free. Available in four amazing scents: Earthy~ Tea Tree & Bergamot Lively~ Grapefruit Lovely~ Lavender & Wild Geranium Manly~ Mint & Sandalwood Instructions: A dab will do. Glide two-four times over clean, dry underarms. Repeat as needed.


Certified organic ingredients *: shea butter*, coconut oil*, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, avacado oil*, magnesium hydroxide, forest forest local beeswax, vitamin E*, essential oils of pink grapefruit, cedarwood*, ginger


Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap