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Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap

Tanglewood - Deodorant - Earthy Tea Tree & Bergamot

250km from Warehouse
Family Owned Producer
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Handmade Product

$13.99/50 ml

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These stellar all natural semi-solid botanical deodorants (certified organic ingredients are used wherever possible, but some ingredients, such as the bentonite earth clay, excellent for absorbing sweat, can not be registered as certified organic) are free from the common harmful ingredients in most commercial deodorants, yet are effective and awesomely scented, with essential oils favoured for their antifungal, antibacterial, and natural deodorizing properties. For heavy protection, it is best applied twice daily.
These 50mL glass containers appeal to the eco and health conscience customer, and are conveniently small enough to be carried in a purse, tucked in a glove box, and are great for travel! Plus, they make great stocking stuffers!


Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap