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Each turkey is individually priced based on actual weight and your invoice will be adjusted when your order is packed. $12.99/kg
Certified Organic

Sunworks Farm

Sunworks Farm - Turkey - Whole

+/- $10.00
100km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food
Holiday Favourites

$103.99/~8 kg

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The heritage breed this year is Orlopp Bronze Turkeys, developed in 1935 by the Orlopp family. These birds will provide a rich, wonderful bounty for your holiday. Orlopp Bronze turkeys have a beautiful natural black feathering and thrive when raised outside. Our Thanksgiving turkeys are moved outside as soon as they are old enough and moved every day onto the fresh grass. The meat is a very light caramel color and boasts a very rich complex flavor. They are “black-feathered” birds which will cause some of the pin feather holes on the skin to look like little ink spots. All meat is grown on site by Sunworks Farm in Armena AB & provincially inspected.

Each turkey is individually priced based on actual weight. Price is $12.99/kg.


Certified Organic Turkey


Sunworks Farm

The Hamiltons strongly believe in the principals of organic and holistic agriculture, as well as the importance of ethical/humane handling of all creatures, including our farm animals.

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