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Sunworks Farm

Sunworks Farm - Pork Sausage

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food

$9.79/4 sausages

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Staff comment: "My new favourite of the Sunworks sausages."
Keep Frozen. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, nitrate/nitrite free, sulphate/sulphite free. By buying BCSPCA certified humane products you know that the meat that you are purchasing came from an animal that was treated humanely and with respect.


Organic pork, sea salt, Organic honey, Organic fennel, Organic black pepper, Organic cayenne pepper, Organic Chili flakes, Organic parsley, Organic lemon powder. May contain Organic mustard seed powder.


Sunworks Farm

The Hamiltons strongly believe in the principals of organic and holistic agriculture, as well as the importance of ethical/humane handling of all creatures, including our farm animals.

Dairy & Eggs, Meat, Organic