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Sunworks Farm

Sunworks Farm - Pork - Ground

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food

$14.49/approx 1 lb

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Our pigs are raised on the pasture. They are free to eat the grass and be in the fresh air and sunshine.

Organic farming has always been the foundation of our philosophy and includes:

No chemical pesticides, herbicides
No GMO’s
The promotion of diversity and soil health
A higher standard of animal welfare.
No Antibiotics
No Growth Hormones
We believe that organic is better for your health, the animal’s health and the health of the environment.

Our products are also BCSPCA certified humane. By buying BCSPCA certified humane products you know that the meat that you are purchasing came from an animal that was treated humanely and with respect. The BCSPCA program is based on the five freedoms of animal welfare: Freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from pain, injury, and disease, freedom from distress, freedom from discomfort, freedom to express behaviors that promote well-being. We strongly believe that animals should be treated with respect from birth through death.


Sunworks Farm

The Hamiltons strongly believe in the principals of organic and holistic agriculture, as well as the importance of ethical/humane handling of all creatures, including our farm animals.

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