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Certified Organic
Food Family Farm

Sunworks Farm - Beef - Ground - Regular (70/30)

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food

$13.49/approx 1 lb

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Ground (Minced) Beef is so versatile you can incorporate it into umpteen appetizing dishes. Our cattle are 100% grass fed certified organic and BCSPCA certified humanely raised. Our cattle are raised in the pastures year-round. In the summer they are moved daily onto fresh grass and provided with fresh clean water. In the winter, they receive free choice certified organic hay and certified organic alfalfa cubes. The cattle are not given any grains or grain by-products. Only high quality grass or hay. By buying BCSPCA certified humane products you know that the meat that you are purchasing came from an animal that was treated humanely and with respect.