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Summer Squash - Patty Pan - Sunburst

250km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer

$5.99/approx 1 lb

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Perhaps, while wandering through the produce section of your grocery store, you stumbled across a pile of little squash that look like tops or tiny flying saucers. They're so delightful you could be excused for wondering why decorative gourds are in with the produce. It turns out they're not only edible, they're very tasty! But what are they? They're patty pan squash! Before you get out your pots, pans, and peelers, you might want a quick refresher on types of squash like patty pan, if you haven't heard of it before. Here's the lowdown: Patty pan squash (sometimes written "pattypan squash") is a small, scalloped, round summer squash that is just as healthy as it is delicious.
With a creamy texture and buttery flavor, this delightful squash is also the perfect side dish for your next dinner party. Whether you opt for a more adventurous recipe (say, a patty pan squash casserole loaded with spicy peppers) or prepare it more traditionally (roasted patty pan squash, anyone?), you and your family won't be disappointed with our top picks. Onwards, squash lovers!

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Growing good veggies is our passion and we do it by the shores of Pigeon Lake in Leduc County. We are a certified organic farm that grows delicious micro greens and sprouts yearand owners, we use low impact and organic practices to grow seasonal produce.