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Squash - Honeynut - Small

Fair Trade Product

$2.79/1 per (small)

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Born out of an idea in 2009 to create a butternut squash that really tasted amazing, the Honeynut is a standout in how plant breeding success doesn’t have to focus on yields but can champion nutritious and delicious vegetables. A collaboration between @stonebarns @jackalgiere @cornelluniversity @chefdanbarber - the Honeynut is a personal sized butternut squash which when roasted presents stunningly with caramel brown sugar tasting notes. Collectively they have launched @row7seeds, a seed company with flavour as its purpose, and they have some truly unique and gorgeous vegetables on the market now.

We are so lucky that our very own @snowfarmsltd gave it a trial run this year and couldn’t be happier with the results.


Covilli Organics

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