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Spice Sanctuary

Spice Sanctuary - Spices - Nutmeg Whole Cut

500km from Warehouse
Alberta Made
Fair Trade Product
Gluten Free
Nut Free

$11.99/25 g

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Did you know that nutmeg and mace grow together with the mace being the outer arils to the nutmeg seed itself? Nutmeg is native to Indonesia and although many species are grown throughout the world, the best quality comes from the Myristica fragrans species. Warming, nutty & smooth on the palate with no bitter after taste. Pairs well with root vegetable dishes, soups, pates & terrines, spinach, cheese, desserts, baking, smoothies.


Organic Whole Nutmeg


Spice Sanctuary

The Spice Sanctuary is a 100% Canadian-owned company founded by Trusha Patel and born from ...

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