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Reclaim Farm - Fennel Relish

50km from Warehouse
Alberta Made

$9.79/375 ml

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Farmer’s Choice for several years. This thick relish is almost exclusively fennel and adds a unique flavour to sandwiches, charcuterie, burgers and anything you want the sweet taste of fennel to. Not as strong as raw fennel, but keeps its lovely anise taste. Plus the added digestive benefits that fennel packs. Yum.


Organic Fennel, cider vinegar, white vinegar, molasses, cane sugar, spices, salt (mustard)
Nut-free, vegan

Edmonton & Area

Reclaim Organics

Growing good veggies is our passion and we do it by the shores of Pigeon Lake in Leduc County. We are a certified organic farm that grows delicious micro greens and sprouts yearand owners, we use low impact and organic practices to grow seasonal produce.