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Potatoes - Farmers Choice - 5 lbs

250km from Warehouse
Alberta Made

$10.99/5 lbs

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Colomba potatoes are distinguished by their yellow skin and flesh as well as round, slightly oval tubers. You can’t miss in the kitchen when using Colomba, as its unique taste and texture make it a rather universal potato variety. Both boiled or fried, Colomba will be an exceptional treat on your dinner table. When in doubt which type of potato to choose for the next culinary challenge Colomba is the safe way to go.

Edmonton & Area

Reclaim Organics

Growing good veggies is our passion and we do it by the shores of Pigeon Lake in Leduc County. We are a certified organic farm that grows delicious micro greens and sprouts yearand owners, we use low impact and organic practices to grow seasonal produce.