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Pie Junkie & Bakery

Pie Junkie - Aussie-Style Beef Pie

Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Frozen Food

$10.49/5-inch pie

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Ground steak and gravy pie that’s been simmered with caramelized onions, Worcestershire and ketchup for a tangy, traditional Aussie-style pie.


Pastry Dough: Flour, butter, water, salt. All pastry is brushed with whole egg prior to baking. Ground beef, onions, garlic, butter, flour, beef stock (Beef broth (water, beef stock), tomato paste, salt, sugar, modified corn starch, yeast extract (barley), dried garlic, maltodextrin, beef gelatin, corn oil, dried onions, whey powder (milk), caramel colour, flavour (soy), spices, sulphites), Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, salt, black pepper. Contains Milk, Eggs and Wheat


Pie Junkie & Bakery

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