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Patience Fruit & Co.

Patience - Sour Cran w/Dried Cranberries - Sour Watermelon Flavoured

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$3.29/60 g

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SourCran is changing the sweet snacking game, leaving artificial ingredients behind in favour of real fruit. We’ve created a sour watermelon candy that puts our organic dried cranberries front and centre, in all of their naturally sweet glory.

They’re just as delicious and satisfying as typical candy, without the endless list of additives that’s impossible to pronounce. With just 8 grams of sugar per 60 gram bag, lots of healthy fibre, and 70% organic ingredients, SourCran has proven that snacking really can taste as good as it feels!


Dried unsweetened cranberries (organic cranberries, corn and/or tapioca dextrine soluble fibre, glycerin, organic sunflower oil), Organic cane sugar, Citric acid, Organic Natural flavour.

Eastern Canada

Patience Fruit & Co.