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Open Farm Days - Charcuterie Box

Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Handmade Product

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$99.99/1 box

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Help support your Alberta farms by purchasing this box. Each box contains:
- Old School Cheesery - Brie (approx 200g)
- Old School Cheesery - Cheddar (approx 200g)
- Rock Ridge Dairy - Goat Chevre Cheese (approx 150 g)
- Broek Pork - Kolbassa Sausage (approx 250 g - Berkshire pork, salt, sodium nitrite, garlic.)
-Irving's Farm - Salami (one of: Fennel, Cacciatore or Soppressata)
- Edgar's Farms - Pickled Asparagus with Dill (Asparagus, vinegar, water, salt, garlic & spices.)
- Meez Cuisine - Pork Rillet (Eh Farms Mangalitsa Pork, Spices - Garnish with Olive Oil, Parsley & Green Onion).
- Meez Cuisine - Crackers (Eau Claire Spent Grain, All-Purpose Flour, Herbs, Salt, Dark Beer, Egg.)
- Meez Cuisine - Tomato Gin Jam (Gull Valley Grape Tomatoes, Eau Claire Gin, Malt Vinegar, Sugar, Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper.)
- Good Morning Honey - Honeycomb
- Wild Country Gardens - Apple and Cracked Pepper Jelly (Sugar, Steam Extracted Apple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ground Peppercorns).

Check out the video on how to put together your charcuterie board here.