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Nature's Pasta - Linguine

$5.89/454 g

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3mm wide. Linguine in nests, spelt ancient grain pasta has a sweeter, nuttier flavor than modern wheat. This delicious, nutritious pasta is higher in protein than wheat pasta, and is very easy to digest. Especially good for those seeking diets higher in insoluble fiber. Spelt pasta is a versatile flavor, goes with Alfredo, tomato, or simply toss with olive oil. Our Organic line of pasta, made in small batches, slow dried from prairie-grown organic Canadian durum wheat and our organic farm-fresh free–run eggs, to which it owes its golden color, is flavor-rich and nutritionally dense. Organic is always free from harmful herbicides and pesticides! To your health!


organic whole spelt flour, fresh organic eggs. Contains: eggs, wheat.