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Mother May I

MotherMayI - Hummus - Original

Alberta Made
Family Owned Producer
Gluten Free

$6.49/283 g

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The original hummus is a dish like no other. What makes MotherMayiBake’s hummus unique? Despite the fact that this hummus recipe is 100 years old, I use minimal ingredients for this wholesome dish. The simple quality ingredients are precisely measured and combined to create optimal flavor. You can taste the history in each bite.

Real. Fresh. Ingredients.

Each chick pea is warmed to the perfect temperature to create a creamy, smooth texture, exciting your pallet like no other. It’s not just hummus; it’s history, it’s culture, it’s savory.

Simply said, it’s perfect.

Best before date is 20 days after delivery.


Chickpeas, water, tahini (sesame seeds), garlic, salt, citric acid, olive oil, cayenne pepper.