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Microgreens - Main Street Mix

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Infused with Sound Therepy, this bold flavour profile is the perfect way to add a spicy flair to any dish -- full of color and texture with a hot radish finish.

Pairs well with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Petit Syrah

It is normal to have a few seed leaves, or cotyledon to be a bit yellow. Microgreens are grown past their seed leaf (sprout stage) and are harvested shortly after the true leaf emerges but before they shed the seed leaf.


This mix could include - Speckled Pea Shoots - Mizuna Mustard - Purple Kohlrabi - Pink Stem Radish - Kale - Beet - Swiss Chard - Broccoli Raab - Box Choy

British Columbia

Grown Here Farms

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