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McLean Meats

McLean Meats - Dry Pep Bites

BC Made
Gluten Free

$5.49/125 g

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Staff comment: "Reminds me of the Hot Rods we used to buy at 7-11 back in the not-so-healthy days!"
No Preservatives
No Antibiotics
No Gluten, Dairy, Soy
Canadian Farms
Humane Certified Pork
No Celery Extract, Nitrites
Expires within a minimum of 5 days. Normal to see white crystallization on outside of pepperoni stick.


PORK, WATER, SEA SALT, SPICES (cayenne, mustard, anise, paprika, rosemary), GARLIC, CANE SUGAR (Contains mustard)

British Columbia

McLean Meats