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Little Pasta Organics - Teddy Shapes


$4.99/250 g

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Our delightful Teddy pasta shapes make mealtimes loads of fun, turning them into story time. Fun is not the only thing that our pasta shapes will offer: sun drenched fields of golden organic wheat are harvested and milled into the flour needed to make our true Italian pasta. Add to this some organic spinach and tomato for 100% natural colour.

Traditional bronze dies are used to extrude the pasta shapes to give them a rougher surface to hold the delicious sauce. Once made, it is dried slowly at low temperatures to ensure all the goodness and proteins found in the wheat are not destroyed. This step is very important and explains why pasta that takes longer to dry ends up being much easier to digest and is more nourishing. Essential for those fussy little tummies!


Durum Wheat Semolina*, Water, Dehydrated Tomato* (1.5%), Dehydrated Spinach* (1.5%), *From Organic Agriculture, This product contains no added Salt or Sugar. Salt and Sugar content is due to naturally occurring Sodium and Sugars