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Konscious Foods - Onigiri - Plant-based - Japanese Vegetable Curry w/ Nori & Sesame Furikake

Frozen Food
Gluten Free

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$7.79/204 g (2 pieces)

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Japanese Vegetable Curry
With nori and sesame furikake
2 Pieces : Ready in 6 minutes

Optimal temperature range to enjoy product is 20°-35°C (68°-95°F). Once thawed, consume product the same day. Do not re-freeze.


Water, Rice, Rice vinegar, Corn, Green beans, Sugar [Organic cane sugar, trehalose (simple sugar)], Carrots, Red onion, Sunflower oil, Sea salt, Seaweed, Red quinoa, White sesame seeds, Black sesame seeds, Seasonings (spices, orange peel), Distilled vinegar, Pea protein, Konjac, Organic chickpea miso [organic rice koji (organic rice, koji spores), organic chickpeas, sea salt], Natural flavours, Xanthan gum, Turmeric

Contains: Sesame

British Columbia

Konscious Foods

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