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Just-A-Mere Organic Farm

Just-a-Mere - Organic Apple Juice - 3L

1000km from Warehouse
BC Made

$16.99/3 L

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This is a fridge-ready, delicious 3 litre box of apple cider with no added sugars, sweeteners, and not from concentrate. We made this ourselves on our own farm, from Jonagold Apples and it is delicious. It is pasteurized and can keep 12 months unopened from the time it is packaged. Once opened, keep refrigerated for 3 months. Best Before November 30, 2020.


Organic Apple Juice

British Columbia

Just-A-Mere Organic Farm

Just-A-Mere Farm is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Creston Valley in British Columbia. ...

Fruit, Organic, Vegetables